Touwsberg Private Game and Nature Reserve

The reserve spans 7 000 hectares with the most spectacular Klein Karoo and mountain landscapes. There is no air polution and the clear skies offer magnificent sunsets and stargazing at night. There is a seemingly unlimited supply of cold, crystal-clear drinking water and you can swim in the fresh water reservoir.  The reserve offers a rapidly disappearing quality of life, excellent security and privacy. combined with unrestricted adventure, such as kloofing (in season), mountaineering and bouldering on the southern slopes of the Touwsberg mountain range. Other activities include mountain bike trails, horse riding, bird watching, fishing, canoeing, swimming, game watching and safari drives (day and night).

The reserve houses 25 different kinds of game, eg giraffe, kudu, gemsbok,  leopard,etc  and has the largest herd of the ever-threatened Cape moutain zebra in private ownership. Among the more than160 bird species are martial eagles, African fish eagle, hamerkop, pale chanting goshawk and many more.

You have the opportunity to watch the animals and birds either from horse back, hiking in the veld, cycling with a mountain bike on the well-designed trail or on a safari drive with you car or bakkie. The reserve offers a break-away from the hustle and bustle of city life - no electricity, TV, robots and traffic - just you and mother nature at it's best!

Contact: Ann Richards, Telephone: 028 551 2172 or 073 414 2790

E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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